Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Content Types that Can Be Added to your Course in Blackboard

Here are some of the special types of files that can be added to a content area in Blackboard. You add these by using the "Build Content" button in your Blackboard course/org site.  (Make sure Edit Mode at the upper right is ON to add content).

Item - Item is a general content type that can include text, links, media items, etc.  It is a good choice for posting almost any kind of content.

File - A link to a file in your Course Files area.

Link to Nook Study - A link to a book resource using our B&N integration.  More information here: http://goo.gl/tNVhw

Pearson's myLab / Mastering - A link to a Pearson Mylab / Mastering Resource.  More information here: http://goo.gl/4iOBM

Single SignUp List - Post a list that students can sign up for.  You can limit the number of students who can sign up, and have a wait-list of definable size.

Multiple SignUp Lists - Post a series of sign-up items, such as office hours or availability slots that a limited number of students can sign up for.

Audio - Post an audio file.

Image - Post a picture.

Video - Post a video.

Web Link (formerly "URL") - Post a URL link to a web resource.

Learning Module - Learning Modules enable the instructor to set a structured path for progressing through content within a course. The instructor may either allow students to access content non-linearly within a Learning Unit or enforce a sequential path. More information here.

Content Package (SCORM) - SCORM is a learning object format. If an instructor has downloaded or created learning object in SCORM format, she can add the content to Blackboard using this type. Here is information on the SCORM format.

Document Package - A Document Package is a .zip file containing a hierarchical structure of folders and files. When you add a Document Package to a content area in your course, the folder structure of the zip file will be preserved (reproduced) in Blackboard. More information on Document Packages here.

Content Folder - Create a folder into which you can post other Content Types

Blank Page - A large full page on which you can post any type of content including text, links, and media.


Turnitin Assignment - Found in the "Assessments" button.  Turnitin allows an instructor to add an assignment for which the students' submissions will be automatically checked for plagiarism using the Turnitin system. More information about Turnitin here.