Wednesday, December 05, 2007

How to Download your Blackboard Grade Center

You may download the Grade Center so you will have an offline copy to view and manipulate in Microsoft Excel or similar program.  We recommend downloading your Blackboard Grade Center occasionally so that you will have a local backup copy.

Here's how to download the Grade Center:

1. In your course, click Grade Center > Full Grade Center

2. Click the "Work Offline" button > Download

3. Leave the defaults as they are and click the "Submit" button


4. Click the Download button.  This will tell your browser to download the file.

5. Note where you are saving the file on your computer, and click the Save button.

After your browser downloads the Grade Center file, you may open the file for viewing on your computer using Excel or a similar spreadsheet program, or the text editor of your choice.

If you make changes to the values in the spreadsheet, you may upload it back to the Blackboard Grade Center as well.  See Uploading Grades to the Grade Center from a File.