Tuesday, November 10, 2009

How to create a sign-up sheet in Blackboard

This article shows how to create a sign-up sheet using a Wiki in Blackboard. Please also see this article about the alternative of creating a sign-up sheet using the "Sign Up" tool in Blackboard.

An instructor may want to create a sign-up sheet to allow students to sign-up for office-hour slots, or to sign up for topics for an assignment, or for meetings with an advisor or conference seats, etc.

The best way to accomplish this is to add a Wiki to your course. A Wiki is a page or set of pages that can be viewed and edited/filled-out by students.

Create a sign-up sheet on the first page of the Wiki with visible slots that the students can sign up for. The students can then come and sign their names in the slots by editing the Wiki page.

Example of the content of the Wiki:

Sign up for Office Hours on this page. To sign up, select “edit” on the right, and add your name to only one slot. Slots are taken on a first-come-first serve basis:

3:00pm _____________________________

4:00pm _____________________________

5:00pm _____________________________

6:00pm _____________________________

Here are instructions for how to set up a Wiki. You will want to create a page that all students in the course have access to edit and name it "Sign up sheet" or something similar:


For more information on how to use Wikis in Blackboard courses, please contact the Edtech Center at 617.373.3157