Tuesday, October 20, 2009

How to take Attendance using Blackboard

This post is outdated and refers to an older version of Blackboard.  It remains here for historical record only.  For an updated method of taking attendance in Blackboard, see:  https://www.ats.neu.edu/qwickly-attendance

To take attendance using Blackboard, create an "Attendance" column in the gradebook for each class session for which you'd like to take attendance.

  • Make the maximum point value 1.
  • Set the gradebook to display the item as complete/incomplete (instead of as a "score").
  • Set the column not to be included in the grade total calculations.
To take attendance:
  1. Click the column heading in the Gradebook, then click "Item Grade List".
  2. Give each student who attends class a "1". Leave absentees blank.
Here's a video showing how to set up attendance columns in the Gradebook and how to take attendance:
Link to video: http://screencast.com/t/PvionzpXR

(This video includes audio. Please turn up the sound on your computer)
Tip: As in the video, when you set up the column, leave "make item available to users" set to YES, so students can view their own attendance record in the course. Students are only able to view their own attendance records (not the attendance of others).

Monday, October 12, 2009

In Internet Explorer, do not use "Compatibility View" for Blackboard

UPDATE:  Blackboard no longer recommends using Compatibility View for the Blackboard site.  Instead, please make sure Compatibility View is turned OFF for the Blackboard site as follows:


More information from Microsoft on IE8 Compatibility View: http://bit.ly/ie8compatibility