Thursday, February 06, 2014

Give Audio Feedback on an Assignment in Blackboard Using an MP3 Recorder

You may want to record your own voice for a student to listen to as feedback for a submitted assignment in Blackboard.  Here is how to use an MP3 Recorder website to make this easy.

UPDATE:  The service appears to be down.  Try alternatives or

The steps involved are:

1.  Navigate to the student's attempt in the Grade Center of your course.

2.  Use or or to record your commentary / feedback.

3.  Add the audio file you recorded to the feedback section for the assignment attempt.

Here is a video showing the entire process:

(Alternative link to high-resolution video here)

Note:  if you would like to include a screen-capture with your audio feedback, try this alternative method using Jing.

Wednesday, February 05, 2014

How to Use Jing to Give Assignment Feedback in Blackboard

Jing is a screen-capture application which will allow you to record your screen and voice and give you a link to the recording.  You can use this link to give your students feedback on their assignments in Blackboard.

1.  Navigate to the student's attempt in the Grade Center of your course.

2.  Use Jing to record your commentary.

3.  Add the Jing link to the feedback section for the attempt grade.

Here is a video showing the entire process:

(if this video doesn't work, try this alternative link)

The Jing application may be downloaded from

Note:  if you would like to give your students audio-only feedback, try this the alternative method here.

Monday, February 03, 2014

How to Download Your Students' Email Addresses

As an instructor of a Blackboard course, you may download or view a list of your students' email addresses. This can be useful if you want to email all of your students from outside of Blackboard, or if you want to copy and paste a list of your student email addresses into Google Docs in order to share a document.

1.  Navigate to your Blackboard course site, and at the lower left click Course Tools > Student Email Addresses.

2.  Click "Spreadsheet" to download a CSV file containing all of your students' email addresses.  Or click "HTML Table" to view the email addresses in a table within your browser.

The best way to copy all of your student email addresses at once is to use the "Spreadsheet" option, open the downloaded file in Microsoft Excel, select all of the cells containing the email addresses at once and then copy and paste.

3.  The list you download using this method may include a few students who were previously registered for your course, but who have already dropped.  If you would like to compare the list to eliminate students who have dropped, here are the locations in Blackboard from which you can get an official current list of students who are officially still enrolled:

Tools > Roster
Course Tools > Users and Groups > Users
Course Tools > Course Roster (FACT)
Course Tools > Course Roster (Photo Grid)
Grade Center > Full Grade Center

In addition if you use any of the Blackboard messaging tools such as Tools > Send Email or Course Tools > Send Email, the email will only be sent to the officially registered students.