Saturday, July 16, 2011

How Do Students Get Enrolled Courses in Blackboard?

Here is how students gain access to course sites on the NEU Blackboard site at

Northeastern University students are enrolled automatically in course sites in Blackboard based on their enrollments in the Northeastern University Registrar's system, which is known as "Banner".

Students register for courses on the myNEU portal at (CPS/NU Online students may register here)

If you have not activated your myNEU account yet, click the "How do I get a myNEU username and password?" link on the myNEU site. You choose your password during the activation process.

To Register for courses log into the myNEU site and click the "Self Service" tab:

Then click the "Course Registration" link:

Adding Courses
The Blackboard site automatically enrolls students in courses from the Registrar within 2 hours of official registration. However, only courses for which the instructor has made the course site available in Blackboard will appear for students in Blackboard. If the instructor does not use Blackboard for his/her course, students will not see the course site in Blackboard. Students: if you have a course which you believe should be available, please contact your instructor, who can make the Blackboard course site available to you and the other students enrolled in the course.
Dropping Courses

To drop a course, use the "My Schedule" link on the Self-Service tab on the myNEU site. Any course you drop via the myNEU portal / Registrar's Office will be removed from the Blackboard site within 2 hours.

To see a complete list of your registered courses at any time, use the "My Schedule" link on the Self-Service tab on the myNEU site.

CPS / NU Online students: if you have CPS / NUOL courses, they will be found on the NU Online Blackboard site at The NU Online site operates independently of the NEU Blackboard site, however updates to the NU Online site from the Registrar's office happen at a similar interval.

Instructors:  If you are an instructor of a Blackboard course and are interested in adding someone to your course, please see this article.

For support for NEU Blackboard, please contact the Help Desk at 617.373.4357 or

For support for NU Online Blackboard, please contact the 24/7 NU Online Support Desk at 855-836-3520.


Thursday, July 14, 2011

Connect Blackboard to McGraw-Hill Connect

This is how to connect your Blackboard course to the McGraw-Hill Connect service.

1.  If you have not done so already, establish a McGraw-Hill Connect account at

2.  Go to Blackboard and navigate to your course site.

3.  Click the "Tools" area on the left side of your course (if you do not have a Tools area, click here to see how to create one):

4.  Click the McGraw-Hill "Higher Education" link:

5.  Click the "Pair Course with a Connect Section" link:

6.  Follow the instructions that appear on McGraw-Hill's site to finish linking to your course.

7.  After your course is linked, McGraw-Hill content may be added to your course using these buttons (click play button):

(video link:
Unable to display content. Adobe Flash is required.
 Build Content >> McGraw-Hill Library
Create Assessment >> McGraw-Hill Assignment
Assign Textbook >> McGraw-Hill Create