Saturday, June 21, 2008

How to add Blackboard to Facebook

Update:  Classtop has discontinued support for the CourseFeed application, so the method in this article no longer works.  The article will remain posted for historical record.


Information Technology Services at Northeastern University has partnered with ClassTop (developer of the CourseFeed application) to offer a new secure Blackboard / Facebook integration. You can now add your Blackboard courses to your Facebook account in a way that will not compromise your myNEU account credentials.

Some of the benefits of Blackboard on Facebook:
  • Automatic notifications for new items added to your Blackboard courses
  • A Facebook "Wall" for your course where you can post messages to your classmates
  • Announcements from Blackboard delivered directly to Facebook
How to add Northeastern University Blackboard to Facebook (3 steps)
If you have received an invitation to the CourseFeed Facebook application from one of your classmates, you may follow the steps in the invitation to add the CourseFeed application to Facebook. If you have not received an invitation, here is how to add Blackboard to Facebook:

1. Log into Northeastern University's Blackboard site on myNEU or at

In Blackboard, under the Home tab, click the "Facebook" link on the left (this link will be available starting July 8th, 2008):

3. Follow the steps on the screen to add the CourseFeed application to Facebook

To add your courses, you must be a member of the Northeastern network in Facebook

For more information on the CourseFeed application in Facebook, see: