Wednesday, May 09, 2007

How to configure Blackboard and Internet Explorer 7 for Windows Vista

Blackboard recommends these steps to enable Blackboard to run under Internet Explorer 7 in Windows Vista:

Set as a "trusted site" in Internet Explorer as follows:

1. Open Internet Explorer 7
2. If the menus do not appear at the top, press and release the ALT key on the keyboard to display them
3. Select Tools menu / Internet Options
4. Under the Security tab, click Trusted Sites and then the Sites button
5. Uncheck the "Require server verification" checkbox if it is checked
6. Type "" in the "add this website" box and click the Add button
7. Click Close and OK

Set the Visual Text Box Editor to Unavailable in Blackboard as follows:

1. Log into Blackboard at
2. Click the "Personal Information" link directly below the Home tab in Blackboard
3. Click the "Set Visual Text Box Editor Options" link
4. Click Unavailable
5. Click the Submit button on the lower right

The plaintext text box should now function under Vista.