Monday, September 12, 2011

How to Create a Sign-Up Sheet in Blackboard using Google Calendar

UPDATE:  Google Calendar has discontinued its sign-up block function.  The new way to do this in Blackboard is here:

The following post is outdated

You may want to create a sign-up sheet for Office Hours in your Blackboard course.

Here's how to do it using Google Calendar in a way that is convenient for students to use.

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Note: To sign up for an office hours slot, students must have a Google Account (this is how the Office Hours calendar knows the names of the students in the slots without having to have them explicitly type their names). All students at Northeastern University already have Google Accounts via the G-Apps service (more information on G-Apps is here).

How to Change the Entry Point for your Blackboard Course

The Entry Point is the first page students see when they click into your course site.

Here's a video showing how to change to Entry Point to a different Content Area:

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