Tuesday, September 25, 2007

How to add a Wiki to your Blackboard course

Wikis are shared web spaces (web pages) that students and instructors can post material to and edit together collaboratively.

As the instructor, you can decide who in your class is allowed to edit and add content to a Wiki, and which participants in the class are allowed to view the wiki. You can use a Wiki to have students collaborate on a document, do a team project, produce a group report, or any other exercise in working together.

Here is how to add a Wiki to your course site in Blackboard:

Step 1 - Choose a content area

First toggle Edit Mode at the upper right of your course to "on"

Click a content area in your course menu on the left in which you would like the Wiki to appear (you could choose "Course Material" or "Documents" for example).

Step 2 - Add the Wiki

Use the "Add Interactive Tool" button and click on "Campus Pack Wiki".

Choose "new" Wiki and click the Submit button.

Give your Wiki a title and choose grading options:

Step 3 - Add a page to the Wiki

Use the "Add New Page" button to add the first page to the Wiki.  Use the "Permissions" settings at the top to decide which of your students or groups will have access to the Wiki to edit and/or view.

Step 4 - How students can edit the Wiki

The Wiki will appear in your course under the section you chose in step 1. View or edit the Wiki, students click the View link

If they have permission, students can edit the current page of the Wiki by clicking "edit" on the right side of the page. They can add a new page to the Wiki by clicking "Add New Page".

That's all there is to it. Your Wiki is now ready to use.


Anonymous said...


Do you have the Wiki and Blog building block for Blackboard? Can you send me a copy of this building block? I would like to install these two building block but the copy I downloaded from Blackboard didn't work. My e-mail is awong2@eastern.edu. Please let me know if you can provide a copy of the building block.
Alvin Wong

Northeastern University ATS said...

Hi Alvin. Thanks for your comment. Our Blog and Wiki functionality in Blackboard is provided by a 3rd party product (Building Block) called Campus Pack LX by Learning Objects, Inc. For more information, go to http://learningobjects.com. I hope this is helpful.

Anonymous said...

Is this function only for instructors? If so, are you aware of any programs that allow students to create a wiki and then link it to blackboard?

Christopher Carrillo said...

Hi Rachel,

Thanks for your comment. Yes, the function of adding Wikis to courses is indeed generally for instructors, with the exception that if your instructor has set up Groups in your course and put you into a group with some other students, it is possible for the instructor to allow you to create your own wikis in the group pages.

Another option is to use Google Docs to create a document and then add your fellow students as collaborators. A collaborative document is much the same thing as a Wiki, and you can add a link to your Google doc anywhere in Blackboard where you can post something (e.g. within a Group or regular Discussion Board).

If you are a student at Northeastern University, you can use our Google Docs service at http://docs.husky.neu.edu
You can add fellow students at Northeastern as collaborators using the "Share" option on the document.

If you are not a Northeastern University student, the public version of Google Docs is available at http://docs.google.com Using that service, you will need to know the email addresses of your fellow students in order to invite them to collaborate on the "wiki" document with you.

We hope that this explains things and gives you some more options.