Tuesday, March 06, 2007

How to Podcast using Blackboard

How to Podcast from Blackboard in four easy steps*:

1.  First toggle Edit Mode at the upper right of your course to "ON"

2.  Click a content area in your course menu on the left in which you would like to add a Podcast link, such as the "Course Material" section. Click the "Tools" button, then click "Campus Pack Podcast Feed"

Type a title for the new Podcast and click the "Add" button

3.  Add new content to your Podcast by adding new "episodes".  To add a media file, click the "Add New Episode" button.

Give the episode a title and click New Episode

You can record a new episode live (Record Media), upload a file from your computer such as an MP3 audio file (Upload Media), or link to an external file using a URL (Link to External Media).

Choose your method, record, upload, or link.  Optionally type a description of the episode, then click the Save & Exit button at the bottom.

4. Accessing your Podcast

In Blackboard, your students may access all of your podcast content by using the "View" link in the Content Area in which you added the Podcast.

They may also subscribe to your Podcast content using the Subscribe button under Settings or by using the RSS icon at the upper right.

Whenever you want to add more audio content to your Podcast, repeat Step 3 above.  The new content will be added to your course, and any students who have subscribed to your course Podcast will receive the new episode content automatically via email or their preferred RSS/Podcast player.

We hope this information is helpful.

*This method of Podcasting in Blackboard uses the Campus Pack Building Block from Learning Objects in Blackboard.  You must have this Building Block installed on your Blackboard system for this to work.


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