Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Embed a Vimeo Video in Blackboard

You may want to post a video in your Blackboard course using the Vimeo.com streaming service for several reasons, including:

1. You can post much longer videos using files that may normally be too large to upload to Blackboard successfully.
2. You can password protect your video and prevent students from downloading it
3. Videos embedded from Vimeo do not take up any quota space in your Blackboard course, no matter how long the video is.

Here's how to embed a Vimeo.com video in your Blackboard course:

[Update: This video below shows Blackboard version 7.x. You can embed videos in an almost identical way in Blackboard version 9.x as well. Just use Edit Mode=ON, and add an item to the course using the "Build Content" button. Then switching to HTML mode as shown in the video is exactly the same. Here's a video example of the process in Blackboard 9.1: http://j.mp/bbx4Ds]

Direct link to video: http://screencast.com/t/YTdmNDU4Z

(this video has audio, please adjust your sound settings)


Unknown said...

Is this Blackboard 9.1? I've tried using vimeo's old style code. Everything looks fine in the Blackboard editor's preview, but when I submit the content the video disappears. What else can I do?

Christopher said...

Hi Honors,

This example was done using Blackboard version 7.3.

In Blackboard 9.1, try adding the content as an "Item", and remember to toggle into HTML mode before pasting your Vimeo embed code.

Here's a video example of the process in Blackboard 9.1:

Video: http://j.mp/bbx4Ds

I hope this is helpful!