Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Blackboard IM isn't listing all of my classes

Blackboard IM is an Instant Messaging client from Blackboard that lists the classes you are enrolled in and lets you chat with your classmates.

You can get Blackboard IM from within your Blackboard course in Tools > Blackboard IM

Once you have Blackboard IM, if your Blackboard IM client is not listing some of your courses, try these steps to fix it.

1.  In Blackboard IM, click the "Blackboard IM" menu, then click exit, like this:

2.  Restart Blackboard IM and log in.  Check the "Classmates" tab.  If your classes are there, you're good.  If not, keep going.

3.  Click the "Blackboard IM" menu, then click "Manage Account", here: 

4.  Log in using your Blackboard IM username and password (which might be different from your myNEU credentials).  If you have trouble, use the forgot password link here:

5.  Once you are logged in, under "Course Settings", check the boxes for all of your courses:

6.  Back in Blackboard IM, check the "Classmates" tab.  If your classes are there, you're good.  If not, go back and repeat steps (1) and (2) again.

We hope this information is helpful.


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